HOD: Engr. Prof. J. O. Dada, Ph.D. (Germany, 2001), M.Eng. (Unilorin, 1991), B.Eng. (Unilorin, 1987)

Brief Profile:

The Computer Engineering Department was established in September 2010. The programme has seasoned senior academic staff in different areas of specialization to contribute their expertise towards the growth of the programme and the department. In accordance with COREN requirements, each student has a personal computer to ease information dissemination for academic homework and practical improvements on computer literacy.

So far, the University has maintained strict compliance with its academic calendar which makes it possible for students to pre-determine their possible date of completion of their programmes even before enrollment. It has been the policy of the University to post on-line students’ results within 24 hours of approval by the Senate.


The purpose of the Computer Engineering degree programme is to produce competent Engineers who are of high moral standard. This will be achieved through the familiarization of students with the basic theoretical and practical tools and techniques required for excellent performance in their future professional work.


The program educational objectives ensure that graduates:

  • Experience a highly motivated academic environment that encourages the academically minded to pursue further studies and research in Computer Engineering.
  • Have successful careers in computer engineering fields, take leadership positions in the industry and initiate businesses offering innovative solutions.
  • Provide solutions to challenging problems in their profession by applying computer engineering theory and principles.
  • Communicate effectively, work collaboratively and exhibit high levels of professionalism and ethical responsibility while engaging in life-long learning and professional development required for the rapidly changing work environment.

Laboratory Information:

The department currently has eight laboratories as listed below

  • Computer Software Engineering Laboratory
  • Computer Hardware Engineering Laboratory
  • Microprocessor and Digital System Laboratory
  • Communication and Networking Laboratory
  • Instrumentation and Process Control Laboratory
  • Prototyping Workshop and Demonstration Laboratory
  • Data Acquisition and National Instrument Laboratory
  • FESTO Laboratory

Selected Student Projects

  • Development of a Network Planning Tool for Mobile Network Optimization
  • Design of a Home Automation System
  • Design an Implementation of a Licence Plate Recognition System
  • Design and Implementation of Accident Dectection and Messaging System
  • Accent Classification of some Nigeria Accents using Mel Frequency Cepstral Co-efficient
  • Design and Construction of an Automatic Robot for Agriculture
  • Design and Implementation of an Examination Verification System using Biometrics
  • Design and Implementation of an Online Examination Management System For  Afe Babalola University
  • Design and Construction of an Automatic Vacuum Cleaning Robot
  • Design and Implementation of gas Leakage and fire alarm Detection System
  • Development of a Body Measurement System For Clothing Designers
  • Implementation of Andriod Mobile Application for the ABUAD Website
  • Design and Construction of Residential Electrical Monitoring System

Research Areas:

  • Intelligent Systems
  • Embedded System and Robotics
  • Wireless Sensor Network
  • Power System Engineering
  • Control Engineering
  • Electrical Drives and Machines