Head of Department: Prof. Abdulwahab Giwa, Ph.D. (Turkey), BEng. (Minna), MNSE, COREN, AMIChemE, MIAENG, MSPE

Brief Profile

This programme was established in September 2010. By 2013/2014, when the first set of enrolled students were at 300 level, the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering was formally established to coordinate the professional training in the specialized courses for Petroleum Engineering leading to the award of Bachelors in Petroleum Engineering.

Following the need towards the development of advance professionals for both the academic community and industrial growth, the NUC visited the Department in July 2017 for the resource verification leading to establishment of PDG and M.Eng. in Petroleum Engineering. In the 2017/2018 academic session, the Department commenced Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) in Petroleum Engineering to enable holders of non-engineering based science degrees to pursue engineering fields with possibility of practicing as engineers and Masters of Engineering (MEng) to advance the studies of Petroleum Engineering leading to the development of experts at PhD levels.


The purpose of B.Eng. (Petroleum Engineering) degree programme is to produce competent Engineers who are of high moral standard. This will be achieved through the familiarization of students with the basic theoretical and practical tools and techniques required for excellent performance in their future professional work. The programme was also created to provide world-class training, research, consultancy and extension services to the oil & gas, and allied industries.


  • To provide a highly motivated academic environment that encourages the academically minded to pursue further studies and research in Petroleum Engineering.
  • To produce Petroleum Engineers that are well-grounded in the ethics, standards and methodologies of the profession
  • To contribute to the supply of academic and professional Petroleum Engineers both for Nigerian Universities and Industries.

Laboratory Information:

  • PVT Laboratory
  • Drilling Technology Laboratory
  • Reservoir Engineering Laboratory

Research Areas:

  • Reservoir Production Optimization
  • Flow Assurance
  • Gas Processing
  • Production Engineering
  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Drilling Engineering