University management has endeavoured to provide a self-sustaining staff development programme by recruiting senior academic staff at both senior academic level and professorial level to provide necessary experience for the junior cadre of academic.

Efforts are also being made to upgrade the number and level of departmental technical staff. The University has also supported a number of academic staff for outside workshops and seminars. All our Lecturer II staff cadre have been registered for PhD. Many of them have also attended various Engineering Conferences, Meetings, Assemblies,   Seminars, Workshops, etc.

The University also funded LABVIEW training by National Instrument (South Africa), ComptTIA A+ Training by CES Industries (U.S.A.), Intel Galileo Development workshop by Intel Corporation (U.S.A) for Engineering Staff and also sponsored some staff to Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) Conference, COREN assembly and various Engineering related training within the University and outside.

The College of engineering also has qualified and experienced staff who has contributed immensely to engineering and industry in Nigeria and diaspora.