Engr. Professor Adeyemi Adegbemisipo ADEROBA

Name: Engr. Professor Adeyemi Adegbemisipo ADEROBA

Email Address: babalotujama@yahoo.com, technodev@abuad.edu.ng, abuadtechnodev@yahoo.com

Areas of Specialization: Application of industrial and production engineering techniques to the creation and sustenance of wealth through establishment of industries and production centres.

Profile: Professor Adeyemi A. Aderoba was born in Ondo City. He attended Our Saviour’s Primary School and Ondo Grammar School at Ondo. He proceeded for his Higher School Certificate (HSC) at the Federal Government College (FGC), Warri, Delta State.From FGC, Warri he was awarded the Shell-BP International Scholarship to study Mechanical Engineering at Loughborough University of Technology in Loughborough, England in 1969. He proceeded to the United States of America in 1973 for his post graduate studies at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he bagged his Masters in 1975 and his PhD in 1977 in Mechanical Engineering specializing in Industrial and Production Engineering. While in USA, he concurrently served for four years in the United States Army as an Operations Research Analyst with attachment to US Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratories at Champaign, Illinois.He returned to Nigeria in 1977. He has worked in several places including University of Benin, Nigeria Machine Tools (NMT), Oshogbo, Federal University of Technology, Akure and currently Afe Babalola University, Ado – Ekiti. While at NMT, he was deputed for one – year intensive training in India in Machine Tools Engineering in Hindustani Machine Tools (HMT) factories at Hyderabad, Pinjore, Kerala, Gujarat, Ajmer and Bangalore.

Prof. Aderoba has established more than 15industries and commercial ventures; majority of which are alive and functional at different levels. Professor Aderoba has published widely in National and international journals and has also published many books in engineering. He is also editor in Chief of national journals such as Nigerian Journal of Engineering Management, Nigerian Journal of Engineering Research and Development, Nigerian Journal of Industrial and Systems Studies and The Compendium of Engineering Monographs.Prof. Aderoba has won many fellowships awards and accolades includingShell-B. P. Scholarship, Commonwealth Fellowship in 1995 and Commonwealth Expert in 1996. He was also listed in Marquis Who is Who in the World of Science and Technology and in 2014; he was awarded the most resourceful lecturer in ABUAD.

Prof. Aderoba served as The Executive Chairman of Ondo State Board for Technical and Vocational Education during the military regime in Ondo State. He has also served as a resource person in the category of Professor, visiting Professor, External Examiner, Consultant, an Accreditor or a Resource Person in the institutions including the Federal University of Technology, Akure, University of Benin, University of Ibadan, University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigerian Defence Academy, Bostwana University of Science and Technology, Delta State University, Faculty of Engineering, Oleh, Bayero University, Kano, National Universities Commission (NUC) and Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN)

Prof. Aderoba is currently the Provost of the College of Engineering, Director, Directorate of Technological Development as well as The Head, Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering in a tripartite assignment.Professor Aderoba is a traditional chief, being the Lotujama of Ondo Kingdom overseeing the Ijama group of Chiefs, who controls 15 quarters in the Kingdom.Professor Aderoba is a strong member of Anglican Church. He was a member of the Standing Committee of St Stephen’s Cathedral as Bishop’s nominee for ten years. He also founded The House of Aaron for taking care of Priests in the Diocese. He is also a member of YMCA. On the social plane His Club, Ondo United friends’ Club has been a source of happiness and support for him over the years.

List of Selected Publications:

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